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Ninety-five percent of active magistrate judges are members of the FMJA. Your membership in, and support of, the FMJA helps ensure the continued important work we do.

Become a Member


Membership dues are paid annually. Full-time judges may pay their dues directly from their paychecks. The dues are:

Full-Time Magistrate Judges: 
$240 per year ($20 per month if direct withdrawal)

Part-Time Magistrate Judges: 
$120 per year (invoiced in December each year)

Retired/Recalled Judges: 

$35 per year (invoiced in December each year)


Please take a few minutes now to become a new member of the FMJA.  If you have questions about FMJA membership, feel free to contact CC Schnapp at  Thank you for your support of the FMJA. We will continue to work hard to advance the interests of our membership.

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