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About Us

“Congress has also authorized the appointment of bankruptcy and magistrate judges, who do not enjoy the protections of Article III, to assist Article III courts in their work. The number of magistrate and bankruptcy judgeships exceeds the number of circuit and district judgeships. And it is no exaggeration to say that without the distinguished service of these judicial colleagues, the work of the federal court system would grind nearly to a halt.”

Wellness Int’l Network, Ltd. v. Sharif, 575 U.S. 665, 668 (2015).

What We Do

The Federal Magistrate Judges Association:

  • promotes the independence of the federal judiciary

  • promotes the appropriate utilization of United States Magistrate Judges

  • promotes an understanding of the role of United States Magistrate Judges

  • advances policies affecting members

  • participates in the governance of the United States Courts

  • reviews and suggests revisions to proposed and existing statutes and procedural rules

  • educates the public on the importance of a diverse judiciary

  • collaborates with sister organizations, Federal Judges Association and National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges

  • support fellowship among members

  • mentors law students

  • publishes the Federal Courts Law Review

  • champions civic education and outreach

  • advances rule of law globally

Through the Years


The Organization of United States Commissioners is founded with 25 members.


The Organization of United States Commissioners becomes the National Council of Magistrates.


The National Council of Magistrates becomes the National Council of Federal Magistrates.


The National Council of Federal Magistrates becomes the Federal Magistrate Judges Association.

Who We Are

The Federal Magistrate Judges Association is a national association of United States Magistrate Judges comprised of more than 800 active and retired members. Our mission is to support United States Magistrate Judges and the vital role they play in the United States Courts.

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