Diversity Committee Statement

In an effort to increase diversity among the federal judiciary, the Federal Magistrate Judge’s Diversity Committee has formed sub-committees to prepare diversity panel presentations for FMJA Workshops in New Orleans, Louisiana, and San Diego, California.  The New Orleans diversity panel presentation will consist of a ninety minute panel presentation and dialogue.

The panel will be comprised of four to five magistrate judges and a member of a Merit Selection Committee.  The Diversity Committee is hopeful that Dr. Trudi Morrison, Chief of the Fair Employment Practices Office of the Administrative Office of the United States Court will be able to attend the New Orleans conference to provide statistical data for the panelists and attendees.  Each judge will speak for approximately five minutes about his or her background and path to the bench and reflect on the experiences and influences that each believed was most significant to his or her eventual appointment.

The member of the Merit Selection Committee will share his or her perspective about the qualities and characteristics he or she finds most important in recommending candidates to the Chief Judge. The New Orleans presentation is scheduled for April 2013.   Check our online calendar for the date.

In addition to preparing diversity presentations, the Diversity Committee also discusses recent magistrate judge vacancies and what, if anything can be done to encourage diverse applicants to apply.  Some Diversity Committee members regularly forward notices of vacancies directly to the Chair of diverse local bar associations.  Other committee members have met with local bar associations to discuss the application process, job duties, and answer any questions.

The Judges of Oakland: Looking for Parity, published March 11, 2013

U.S. Magistrate Judge Kandice Westmore, featured in an article on Diversity, photograph, standing center.  The article addressed the uniqueness of the Court as it is the only female federal court in the United States.  To Read