Part-time Magistrate Judge's Corner

In districts spread across the country, approximately 40 magistrate judges serve on a part-time basis. The fact that they work as part-time judges raises some administrative issues different from those faced by full-time judges. The Part-time Magistrate Judges Committee was recently established to facilitate communication among part-time judges, and to make others in the judiciary more aware of the issues unique to the part-time role. Currently, five part-time magistrate judges serve on the Committee: Skip Arbuckle of Pennsylvania, Tony Mautone of New Jersey, Veronica Duffy of South Dakota, Leslie Longenbaugh of Alaska, and Scott Oravac of Alaska.  Contact any of them with questions.

William I. (Skip) Arbuckle
U.S. Magistrate Judge
Middle District of Pennsylvania



A series about the "part-timers" - October 2012