FMJA Founders Award History

The FMJA Founders Award is the most prestigious honor the FMJA bestows, and is presented to a person who has made valuable and lasting contributions to the Magistrate Judges system of the United States courts. Recipients are not limited to magistrate judges but may be others who have contributed significantly to the success of the system.

Past recipients include:

  • Hon. Richard Goldsmith (posthumously), Peter McCabe and Hon. Otto Skopil (1987);
  • Hon. Charles Metzner (1989);
  • Hon. John Roper and Hon. Joseph Hatchett (1990);
  • Hon. Robert Carr and Robert Kastenmeier (1991);
  • Thomas Jones (posthumously) and L. Ralph Meacham (1992);
  • William Schwarzer (1995);
  • Hon. Illa Jeanne Sensenich, Hon. Donald Abram and Hon. Virginia Morgan (1996);
  • Hon. William H. Rehnquist and Hon. Philip M. Pro (1997);
  • Hon. Robert Collings and Thomas Hnatowski (1998);
  • Hon. Harvey Slessinger (1999);
  • Hon. John Moulds (2000);
  • Duane Lee (posthumously) (2001);
  • Hon. John Weinberg (2002);
  • Richard Dargan (2004);
  • Hon. Tommy Miller, Hon. Paul Komives and Hon. Richard Peterson (2005);
  • Hon. Nina Gershon and Hon. Edward Becker (2006);
  • Hon. John Roberts (2007);
  • John Napier (2011);
  • Jim Duff (2012);
  • Carol Sefren (2013);
  • Hon. Aaron Goodstein and Hon. Karen Klein (2014);
  • Hon. Mark Abel and Hon. Peter Palermo (2015);
  • Hon. Karen Wells Roby, Hon. Sidney I. Schenkier, and Hon. Karen L. Strombom (2016)
  • Hon. William (Billy) Cassady and Hon. Jerome (Jerry) Niedermeier (2017)
  • Hon. Celeste F. Bremer and Hon. Louisa S. Porter (2018)
  • Hon. Jonathan Feldman and Hon. Barry Kurren (2019)