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An FJC survey of federal judges last year made it clear that Magistrate Judges are interested in educational outreach to their communities. To act on these findings, and to support the FMJA's civics education and outreach mission, we have come across a variety of resources that require only a 30-minute review before going into the courtroom and assuming our role as judges. As the AO’s National Outreach Manager Rebecca Fanning puts it:  “With these programs and resources, you just add a Judge and stir.” Here is a list of links to courtroom simulations, activities, videos, and podcasts posted in the Educational Resources section of and in the Educational Outreach section of JNet. The Federal Bar Association has also sorted the U.S. Court's educational materials by program length and that information is available here.

Magistrate Judges: Serving the Judiciary and the Public (YouTube Video) This short video explains the tremendous impact that magistrate judges have had on the federal Judiciary in the last half century.

Court Shorts: Separation of Powers  In a new, five-minute video, federal judges offer insights into their thinking about the separation of powers and describe how healthy tensions among the branches have a stabilizing effect on democracy. The judges also share their respect for and commitment to this founding principle, which has an impact on everyday American life.

Civics Education Resources Supporting Judges in Their Communities
Resources Appropriate For:  High school students in courtrooms and classrooms; teachers at teachers institutes; post-secondary school students, members of adult community organizations, and lifelong learners/senior citizens in courthouses or at offsite venues.