2017-08-30 First South Asian-American magistrate judge appointed to Brooklyn's federal court

2017-08-08 Services set for Magistrate Judge LaRue

2016-12-21 Judge Joseph F. Saporito Jr. Receives highest award from Luzerne County attorneys, judges

2016-10-13 Federal judge in St. Louis is nation's longest-serving

2016-07-19 D. Gordon Bryant, Jr. Selected New Federal Magistrate Judge for Lubbock Effective August 1

2016-06-09 Retired U.S. Magistrate Judges Honored in Connecticut

2016-02-20 Scalia remembered as man of faith, family, and the law

2016-02-19 Former Topekan appointed federal judge

2016-01-06 Erin Wilder-Doomes sworn in as new federal magistrate judge in Baton Rouge

2015-10-02 US Magistrate Judge Tommy E. Miller Retires After Decades of Service

2015-09-10 Queensbury resident Stewart to take federal bench Sept. 28

2015-07-20 Federal Public Defender Ray Kent Named Federal Magistrate Judge

2015-06-15 Queensbury man to become federal magistrate judge

2015-06-10 Magistrate Judge William G. Hussmann, Jr. to Retire

2015-03-02 Huseby, formerly of Crookston, appointed Magistrate Judge

2015-02-16 Reflections on Law & Technology: Q&A with John Facciola, retired magistrate judge

2015-01-08 Karen Klein retiring after 30 years as federal magistrate judge

2015-01-05 Portland's newest U.S. magistrate judge is former government prosecutor Stacie F. Beckerman

2014-12-14 VHS mock trial students have winning argument

2014-12-14 Federal magistrate judge set to retire from the bench

2014-11-25 Becky R. Thorson '95 Appointed U.S. Magistrate Judge

2014-11-14 Distinguished panel of jurists to preside over moot court finals

2014-11-04 iDiscovery Solutions’ Director Jennifer Brennan to Moderate Judges Plenary at ABA’s The Women of the Section of Litigation Conference

2014-10-28 Longtime U.S. prosecutor sworn in as federal magistrate judge

2014-10-23 NJ Fed. Court, Among the Nation's Busiest, Faces Vacancies

2014-10-15 FFA Event Boasts Female Judges

2014-08-31 South Orange Resident to Return From Yearlong Mobilization

2014-08-22 5 women to be honored for efforts in gender equality

2014-08-21 US Magistrate Judge Holly Fitzsimmons Will Retire in April 

2014-08-19 Judicial candidates identified to fill D.C. Superior Court openings

2014-08-13 Holly Fitzsimmons To Retire As U.S. Magistrate Judge

2014-08-10 SD judges receive Women in Law honors

2014-08-08 Yosemite judge Donald Pitts, 86, recalled for ethics, positive outlook

2014-08-04 Assistant U.S. Attorney Phillip Green named federal magistrate judge in West Michigan

2014-08-04 Miss state judge resigns to become US magistrate

2014-07-25 Obama nominates Caldwell judge

2014-07-16 Mildred Methvin appointed pro tempore

2014-07-15 Man with local family ties appointed to federal bench

2014-07-11 North Dakota federal magistrate judge to retire

2014-07-07 Kenly Kato Sworn In as Magistrate Judge

2014-07-05 New citizens have perspective on immigration process

2014-07-04 20 sworn in as U.S. citizens at Saguaro National Park

2014-07-03 New U.S. citizens take pride in their naturalized status

2014-07-02 Kelly [sic] Kato Selected as Magistrate Judge for Central District

2014-06-27 Federal judge holds court at Utah’s Rainbow Gathering

2014-06-26 Eastern District of New York Looks to Mediators to Expedite Sandy Cases

2014-06-24 Hildy Bowbeer named federal magistrate judge

2014-06-18 Judge John Gargiulo tapped for seat in federal court in Gulfport

2014-06-16 Homestead holds Flag Day naturalization ceremony

2014-06-11 Senate confirms Lauck for U.S. District Court judgeship

2014-06-05 Magistrate Judge Seat to Open in D.C. Superior Court

2014-06-03 W.Va. attorney sworn in as U.S. magistrate judge

2014-05-16 Federal magistrate vacancies announced in Minnesota

2014-05-11 Federal magistrate judge's investiture is a family affair

2014-05-09 43 Immigrants Become U.S. Citizens

2014-05-05 U.S. Magistrate Judge Kenneth Neiman to retire in January

2014-04-30 Judge P. Michael Mahoney, who oversaw Rockford's People Who Care lawsuit, retires

2014-04-24 Low-level federal judges balking at law enforcement requests for electronic evidence

2014-04-21 U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Randon opens up

2014-04-14 Edward Knight, Magistrate Judge For Four Decades, Dead at Age 96

2014-04-14 Facciola Outspoken as Magistrate Judge on Limiting E-Discovery for Prosecutors

2014-04-08 Roanoke Bar Association endorses judicial candidates

2014-03-26 Newly appointed U.S. magistrate judge sworn in

2014-03-25 Federal judge sworn in, takes position immediately

2014-03-19 Editorial: Congratulations to retiring Judge Blanton

2014-03-18 Farmington attorney to become federal magistrate judge

2014-03-08 Magistrate judge announces for circuit candidacy

2014-03-03 Blanton retires after 23 years as magistrate judge

2014-02-26 My Turn: Judge’s gender has nothing to do with it

2012-02-26 Judge to retire after 22 years of service in Cape Giradeau

2014-02-24 Drug sentencing initiative is retiring judge's legacy

2014-02-11 Detainees Sentenced in Seconds in ‘Streamline’ Justice on Border

2014-02-11 Magistrate on track for district court judgeship

2014-02-05 Maine judge once known as ‘Diamond Lil’ retires after nearly 30 years on state, federal benches

2014-02-05 Southern District Names New Magistrate Judge

2014-01-31 Schanzle-Haskins new federal magistrate judge

2014-01-28 Judge P. Michael Mahoney to step down May 1

2014-01-24 Judge adjusts to park life

2014-01-23 Judge takes bench in federal court

2014-01-23 Assistant U.S. Attorney Staci Cornelius tapped to take north Alabama U.S. Magistrate job

2014-01-21 Retired Magistrate Judge Tapped for Judicial Review Commission

2014-01-16 Q&A: Parting words from District 7 Magistrate Judge Colin Luke

2014-01-14 Judge distributes Spuddy Buddy throughout world

2014-01-06 New magistrate judge joins federal court in Brownsville

2013-12-25 Senator Warren Applauds Nomination of Judge Leo T. Sorokin to U.S. District Court

2013-12-20 Obama nominates Sorokin as federal judge in Mass.

2013-12-20 President Obama nominates US Magistrate Judge Lauck to district court seat in Virginia

2013-12-19 Chief federal public defender named new magistrate judge

2013-12-12 U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith Strong will not seek second term

2013-12-12 Portsmouth's McCafferty 1st woman named to federal bench in N.H.

2013-12-11 Patricia T. Morris selected as new U.S. district magistrate judge at federal courthouse in Bay City

2013-11-27 Marion groups help with naturalization proceedings

2013-11-22 Judge: Students need to be more active in their college careers

2013-11-10 Lawyer nominated for federal judge

2013-11-06 Richmond native named U.S. magistrate judge

2013-10-08 Three candidates vie for Orleans magistrate judgeship

2013-10-07 Ceremony naturalizes new citizens, despite shutdown

2013-10-04 Magistrate judge appointed to Doña Ana court

2013-10-04 New federal magistrate in Cape Girardeau named

2013-09-30 Western Va. US Magistrate Judge B. Waugh Crigler retires Monday after 32 years

2013-09-26 Three running for magistrate judge seat in Criminal District Court

2013-09-26 New Orleans Criminal District Court magistrate judge: The candidates

2013-09-25 BLOG: Minidoka County Magistrate Rick Bollar Earns Granata Award

2013-09-23 Superior Court Judge Nivison selected to replace retiring U.S. Magistrate judge

2013-09-21 New state law establishes chief magistrate position for Forsyth County

2013-09-20 Magistrate Judge candidates square off over experience, pre-trial services, role of court

2013-09-18 Magistrate court preparing to change locations

2013-09-15 Magistrate Judge Crigler to Retire September 30

2013-09-13 Magistrate Judge Irma C. Ramirez to receive La Luz Award from Dallas Hispanic Bar Association

2013-09-12 New magistrate judge for Teton chosen Friday

2013-09-10 Raleigh picked as district magistrate judge

2013-09-09 Town takes next step toward getting magistrate

2013-09-07 Newest federal magistrate judge sworn into office

2013-09-07 Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan broke the NFL labor stalemate

2013-09-04 Chicago-Based Magistrate Judge to Head National Association

2013-08-28 Alka Sagar Named Federal Magistrate Judge in Los Angeles

2013-07-12 Magistrate Judge Nominated for DC Superior Court

2013-06-12 Marshalls Ordered to Investigate Inmate Complaints

2013-06-12 Kennedy Takes Oath As 1st Ever District Magistrate Judge  

2013-06-11 Federal Judge Approves Settlement Against PHA

2013-06-11 Judge Orders US Marshall Service to Look into in Detainee Concerns

2013-06-11 Judge Orders Investigation into Prison Conditions

2013-06-10 Car-racing Company's Suit Against GM, Michelin Almost Out of Gas

2013-06-10 Judge Sets Conference Date for Abortion Clinic Lawsuit

2013-06-10 Judge Orders Dollar General to Hand Over Names of Fired Employees

2013-06-10 Hasanoff Facing 20 Years for Stock Exchange Plot

2013-06-10 Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan Retiring In January

2013-06-10 Judge Recommends Keeping PA Coal Mine Suit Alive

2013-06-10 Man Accused of Selling Counterfeit Postage

2013-06-10 Bridgeport Woman Embezzled from Travel Agency

2013-06-10 Magistrate Judge Recommendation in Pending Suit  

2013-06-09 Texas Woman Arrested for Mailing Ricin-laced Letters

2013-05-20 Senate Confirms New Judge for Middle District of Florida

2013-04-09 U.S. Magistrate Judge Patty Shwartz, FMJA 3rd Circuit Director, Confirmed for Third Circuit Seat

2013-03-15 U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler, Federal Reentry Courts and Other New Models of Supervision, Federal Lawyer Magazine, March 2013 Issue. 

2013-03-13 Federal magistrate judge recommends that jury decides legal dispute over Sturgis trademark

2013-03-12 Justice is mission of Sacramento's New U.S. Magistrate Judge

2013-03-11 The Judges of Oakland: Looking for Parity in Legal Profession (U.S. Magistrate Judge Kandis Westmore-featured)

2013-03-06 U.S. Magistrate Judge Mona K. Majzoub to speak at HFCC March 22

2013-03-06 Federal Magistrate Judge: Texas Coal Plant Can't Dodge Clean Air Act

2013-03-05 Court Announces Magistrate Judge Karen M. Humphreys Steps Down As Chief

2013-03-03 U.S. Magistrate Judge Mary Stanley First Female Magistrate Judge in Charleston to Retire

2013-02-25 Robert Bacharach, former U.S. Magistrate Judge confirmed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

2013-02-21 Assistant US Attorney Richard L. Bourgeois Jr. appointed magistrate judge in Baton Rouge

2013-01-13 New Magistrate Judge appointed in Mass.

2013-01-03 Federal Magistrate Judge Facciola Up for Reappointment

2013-01-02 Attorney Iain Johnston selected to fill vacancy created by retirementof U.S. Magistrate Judge P.Michael Mahoney

2012-10-29 Gavel Passes to New President of FMJA

2012-07-31 2012 FMJA Founder's Award Recipient - July 2012

2012-07-30 Diversity Panel Presentation Successful - July 2012

2012-01-01 Magistrate Judge Suzanne H. Segal appointed Chief Magistrate Judge

2011-06-21 Magistrate Judges:  "Indispensable Resource" for Federal Courts